Getting Brexit Done


The Prime Minister has done what many said he could not - we have renegotiated a good new deal which allows us to leave the EU without disruption. Only by getting Brexit done can we address the issues that matter to people and get on with delivering the country and Medway the brighter future it deserves.

When Boris took over, everyone said it would be impossible to get a new deal and get Brussels to make further concessions. Despite attempts by the opposition to undermine Boris’s negotiating strategy, he’s pulled it off and forced Brussels to re-open the deal and change the aspects that were previously unacceptable to many people.


Put Simply, This New Deal Means:


  • Northern Ireland will be in the UK customs territory. There is now no doubt that Northern Ireland remains part of the UK’s customs territory and will benefit from the free trade deals we strike.


  • Britain is out of all EU laws. We will be able to change our laws in a huge number of areas – from product standards to fishing rules to farming subsidies – where we are currently bound by EU rules.


  • We will be able to strike our own free trade deals. We will have an unqualified right to strike our own trade deals around the world, and the whole UK will participate in them.


  • European Court direct jurisdiction ends in Great Britain. It will be our courts, applying our laws, which will be the highest authority in the land.


  • We will be in control of our taxes. We will be able to change VAT rules and other tax laws that are currently determined by Brussels.


  • The anti-democratic backstop has been abolished. The people of Northern Ireland will be in charge of the laws that they live by, and – unlike the backstop – will have the right to end the special arrangement if they so choose.