£2 Bus Fare Cap

In September 2022, following the increasing pressure on households’ finances, the Government announced that they would introduce a £2 bus fare cap across the country for major bus routes from the beginning of January until the end of March to help people with everyday travel costs.

Following the success of this scheme I am pleased at the announcement that this has now be extended further from June until the end of October 2023, meaning that on some routes bus fares will remain capped at £2 per journey.

From 1 November, the cap will rise to £2.50 until 30 November 2024, when this will be reviewed again. I am glad to see that the Government is continuing to support those in Rochester and Strood and across the country to have access to affordable public transport on major and frequently used bus routes.

The Government has already provided £60 million for this scheme and will continue to provide up to £200 million to help ensure that people continue to have access to affordable bus fares for the next year and a half.

Some of the bus routes included in the scheme are: 1, 100, 101, 116, 133, 140, 141, 145, 155. I know that this scheme will help many people in Rochester and Strood and I am glad that it has been extended.

You are able to find more information at the following link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/2-bus-fare-cap