Roadworks (Regulation) Bill & Survey

Due to the recent significant disruption caused by Council and Utility works across Medway, I know that many residents have experienced issues with delays and overrunning roadworks. I have been working with Essex MPs on this topic for some time and will be backing the 'Can the Cone' campaign and Roadworks (Regulation) Bill proposed by Mark Francois MP. The Bill aims to tackle the significant delays caused by badly planned roadworks and delays to the completion of works and sets out a number of regulations that roadworks companies will have to comply with.

The Roadworks (Regulation) Bill would give further power to local authorities to refuse applications for roadworks to take place, where in their opinion, the roadworks would cause unacceptable disruption to traffic.

The Bill will place a duty on companies to co-operate and co-ordinate works so that the impact of consistent disruption over a period of time, is minimised. Ensuring that companies take all practicable steps to reduce disruption to road users when works are required.

Finally, the Bill would see repeat offenders incur increasing fines for every breach of the regulations as well as a penalty for each day that the works over run. The fines imposed on companies could reach 10% of annual turnover for causing significant delays and disruption to road users. This would encourage works to be completed in a timely manner, reducing the delays and continued disruption.

I believe that the introduction of the Roadworks (Regulation) Bill would have a positive impact for the residents of Rochester and Strood, and help to deliver a functioning road network that drivers rightly expect.

You can read more about the Bill here: Roadworks (Regulation) Bill (

I am looking for constituents’ views on this matter, as I know that the recent disruption across the constituency has caused concern and frustration for many. I am eager to hear your thoughts on the matter and the Roadworks (Regulation) Bill.

Roadworks in Rochester & Strood

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1. Would you say that the number of roadworks across Medway has significantly increased?
2. Have the recent roadworks had a significant impact on you completing daily tasks, such as traveling to work, appointments or other activities?
3. When you pass roadworks, how often would you say that there are no workers present?
4. Has your journey time increased significantly with recent roadworks in Medway? If yes, how long by per day?
5. Do you believe that the introduction of the Roadworks (Regulation) Bill would improve journey times in Medway?
6. Do you believe the measures in this Bill would prevent delays to completion of works?
7. Do you believe that it is the responsibility of Medway Council to ensure that roadworks do not overrun?
8. To what extent do you agree with this statement “Medway Council has provided you with sufficient information regarding emergency roadworks when they are required”