Infrastructure Fit for Medway


We all use the roads and rail around Medway and know that they are under increasing pressure. We are set for lots of change across North Kent in the coming years with an increase of housing and other developments, amongst other major proposed projects, so it is a priority to ensure this is sustainable while delivering economic growth. I have continuously put pressure on Government and The Council to ensure that we receive the infrastructure to support the area.

I have worked with Ministers in the Department for Transport and with Southeastern Rail, last year I secured assurances for additional rail services to London during peak times. The Government has also recently introduced plans to improve train punctuality by making it easier to hold train companies to account. I am proud the railways are undergoing the biggest modernisation since the Victorian times, with £48 billion being spent on new trains, track upgrades and making sure passengers have access to better and more reliable data.


We’re Getting Infrastructure Fit for Medway by:


  • Launching the new Roads Investment Strategy with £29 billion committed for strategic and local roads over the next five years. I will continue to fight so that Rochester and Strood Receives its fair share of funding.


  • Working with Southeastern Rail to continue to improve rail capacity and travel times.


  • Rolling out better digital connectivity by improving 4G mobile phone coverage, ensuring that full fibre broadband reaches even the most difficult parts of the country, and supporting the next generation of technology.


  • Fighting to resist unsustainable development and protecting valuable local assets such as Chatham Docks and our rural environment.