Kelly Tolhurst MP Visits Local Renewable Energy Plant

The MP for Rochester and Strood, Kelly Tolhurst, recently visited the renewable energy plant, FutureFuel Renewables, at the Kingsnorth Industrial Estate in Hoo.


FutureFuel Renewables works to turn waste into energy. Vegetable oils, including used cooking oil, is all processed at their plant in Hoo to produce biodiesel and glycerol. These products will then be reused for transport fuel, heating oil, as well as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


By recycling these oils, FutureFuel Renewables is playing its part to help the environment – these waste products are usually either discarded in landfill sites or poured into sewerage systems. Both of these disposal methods cause significant environmental and economic damage.


Kelly Tolhurst said: “It is always great to visit local businesses in my constituency, and it has been interesting to learn how FutureFuel Renewables is reusing waste to generate energy in today’s world.”


“This visit was particularly poignant as the Government has just committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and businesses like this are helping the Government to secure this commitment and recycle more.”