Kelly Tolhurst MP Welcomes Government’s £201 Million Commitment to Improve Roads

Rochester and Strood MP Kelly Tolhurst has welcomed the Government’s commitment to share over £200 million for repairing roads and potholes with Councils across England – enough to resurface an extra 1,000 miles of road.

This funding is part of the Government’s £6.6 billion investment in improving Britain's roads. Moreover, this investment is on top of the £725 million local authorities will receive in 2019/20, based on the infrastructure they maintain, including length of roads, number of bridges and street lights.

Already this year the government announced it will be providing £23 million for trials of new technologies to develop pothole-free roads, such as using kinetic energy to heat surfaces, recycling plastic waste into a harder-wearing surface or installing sensors to predicts where issues might occur.

Last year, Medway Council received almost £300,000 to help repair local roads following the damage caused by the severe winter weather in 2018. This funding will help to strengthen the repairs made and allow the Council to deliver even better roads.

Kelly Tolhurst MP said:

“I welcome this funding which shows the Government’s commitment to improve our roads and to make them safer for motorists.

“As a regular road user myself, we all know the problems which potholes can bring and it is right that this Conservative Government is investing heavily to improve our road network.”