Medway Leadership Programme Hosted in Parliament by Rochester and Strood MP

I am delighted that this event is an annual feature in my dairy as it is always great to welcome the Medway Leadership Programme to Parliament and celebrate their great work throughout the year!

This was an evening of celebration for what so many do for Medway, helping us strive for a great future for our community and that future has to be about great people delivering great public services.

The Programme is entering its 8th year meaning that 210 people have been on it since it began, and that is all down to the dedicated group of individuals leading the programme. There is also a big well done to the Medway organisations involved in this joint initiative; there have been 36 organisations over the last 7 years involved in total which is a great achievement.

It is really important that our front-line staff and managers understand what happens in different agencies, ensuring they make better links with key people in the Hospital, in the Police and in our Schools. Joining up police, hospital and education services and working together requires effort but also has huge rewards and benefits to our community.

That is why I am pleased that the Medway Leadership Programme is supported by so many of the leaders in charge of different agencies and it’s a reflection of the commitment to the Programme that so many came to Parliament.

The reason I support this Programme so much is because it aims to help make things even better for our community and see the evidence of this each year. I am pleased to continue my support for the Programme which delivers so much without the recognition it deserves.