Rochester and Strood MP Slams Lloyds Decision to Close High Street’s Last Remaining Bank Branch

Kelly Tolhurst MP has today reacted with anger and disappointment to news that Lloyds Bank have announced their intention to close the branch on Rochester High Street.

The decision will leave the High Street with no remaining bank branches following the earlier closures of NatWest and Barclays. Given the number of businesses, social venues and market traders Kelly feels this closure is once again short-sighted and will inconvenience residents.

Medway is set to see an increase of up to 38,000 homes over the next fifteen years and instead of seeing infrastructure and amenities increase Rochester and Strood is seeing a reduction in essential services.

Kelly said,

“Once again I am astonished and disappointed by the decision to close a bank branch on Rochester High Street.

“Aside from the many businesses and residents already relying on Lloyds’ services, we are expecting up to 100,000 more people living in Medway in the next fifteen years, many of whom will require bank branch access. Again this comes down to infrastructure to support the future of Medway and sadly the vision is still not there.

“I call on Lloyds to reconsider their decision in light of the developments expected, and I will be pressing both the bank and the government to look seriously at what our growing communities need rather than pursuing short-sighted plans.”

Kelly has written to both the Chief Executive of Lloyds and the Chancellor about the closure.