Rochester and Strood MP Visits Apprenticeship Training Specialists IPS International

Last month I visited IPS International to discuss the local skills needs and apprenticeship opportunities in Medway. The meeting came at a great time before my recent apprenticeships fair, to which IPS attended to advertise their apprenticeships to the 500+ students and jobseekers who came long.

IPS International is a specialist Apprenticeship training provider and a leading provider of training and consultancy operating across the UK and overseas. They deliver a wide range of training programmes at centres and on clients' premises across Engineering and Production, Management Development, Health and Social Care, Information Technology, Construction & Manufacturing, Accounting and more.

Operating in our community out of the Medway City Estate, IPS was a division of an international steelmaking group in 1986. I was pleased to learn much about IPS from Directors Don and Ramsay and other staff qualified and experienced in areas such as industry and commerce and are selected for their ability to successfully transfer a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Given the growth of apprenticeships in Medway I know organisations such as IPS International will be crucial in getting more people the skills to help careers as well as our local and national economy. Local skills are becoming increasingly exciting once again and I am determined to see it go from strength to strength.