Test and Trace Strategy


The Government has now launched the NHS Test and Trace Service which will help to track the virus and inform you if you have come in to contact with an infected person.


The service ensures that anyone who develops symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19) can quickly be tested to find out if they have the virus, and also includes targeted asymptomatic testing of NHS social care staff and care home residents. It will also help trace close recent contacts of anyone who tests positive for coronavirus and notifies them that they must self-isolate at home to help stop the spread of the virus.


A team of 25,000 contact tracers will to call, text, or email people who have recently tested positive for coronavirus and will ask who they have had contact with. Any of those contacts deemed at risk of infection will be told to isolate for 14 days, even if they are not sick.


By controlling the virus in this way, it will allow the Government to ease further restrictions on the lockdown and slowly return life back to normal.


For more information, please follow this link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-test-and-trace-how-it-works


Antibody testing to detect whether you have previously had covid-19 is now being rolled out. This is initially limited to healthcare staff and hospital patients having a blood test for another reason but will be rolled out further in coming weeks.