Education Secretary visits Strood Academy with Kelly Tolhurst

Nicky was invited to the Academy by Kelly Tolhurst, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Rochester and Strood

Kelly is a former pupil of Chapter School, which was merged with Temple School to create Strood Academy.

Nicky and Kelly hosted a roundtable discussion for local head teachers, including Kim Gunn who is Principle of Strood Academy.

Among the topics discussed were increased funding opportunities for local schools and extending choice for parents on their children's education.

Nicky Morgan said:

"I had a fantastic time at Strood Academy speaking to local head teachers about a wide range of topics in education policy, including funding and parental choice.

"I am grateful to Kelly for setting up the discussion and know she will be a great local champion for her community."

Kelly Tolhurst said:

"Returning to Strood Academy was a bit of a trip down memory lane and I even bumped into my old PE teacher from Chapter School.

"Key to my six-point plan for Rochester and Strood is to fight for better funding for local schools and it was great listening to the views of local head teachers along with Nicky."