Delivering a Strong Economy


Under the Conservatives, we’ve seen a growing economy, with rising wages and unemployment at a historic low, while Labour left the UK drastically unprepared for the financial crisis and with ‘no money left’.

The number of children living in long-term workless households is at a record low and has fallen every year since 2010, meaning greater financial stability for families.

We’ve cut taxes for 32 million working people, raised the threshold for the lower tax rate meaning the lowest paid no longer have to pay income tax, frozen fuel duty for nine years, and reformed welfare to ensure that work always pays. Labour Scrapped the 10p tax rate hitting over 5 million of the lowest paid with higher tax bills.

While in my position as Small Business Minister I have continued to support the small businesses both in the constituency and across the UK and we are one of the top 10 countries for doing business in the world. We have cut corporation tax and helped people start their own small businesses. The UK is also one of the best places to work - under my watch we are implementing the biggest reform of workers’ rights & increasing the National Minimum Wage for over 21’s to £10.50 by 2024 to end low pay.


We’re working hard to:


  • Set out a domestic agenda to level up regional growth and opportunities in every corner of the UK.


  • Take advantage of the opportunities of leaving the EU. Signing new free trade deals and building up to 10 new freeports across the country to attract global business and create new jobs across the country.


  • Ramp up UK economic growth so that we can increase our investment in public services such as the NHS, Police and Schools.


  • Keep taxes low and raise wages to put more money in peoples’ pockets, increasing the National Living Wage to two thirds of the median by 2024, ending low pay.